Carmaco Stud

Mrs CM Cook VN


Carmaco Evander BB1544 Born 2014 40"
Sire: Stepley Victorious AQ1064
Dam: Lakehead Enyas AT2587

03/01/2019 passed Voluntary Vet Inspection

Highwood Loyalty AC2838 Stallion Born 1993 38.5"
Sire: Tonka 2945
Dam: Knock Good Faith 15769

Leo (as he is known) has had a successful show career over the years. He has been to PUK in 2000 to the Glyn Greenwood where he was 7th out of 24 and proud to say the only broken coloured in the ring. He is also graded with CHAPS and BSPA, and has been broken to drive.

Photo courtesy of James Pyne Photography


Jamilla of Jopa AR1455 Mare Born 2005 Black approx 32"
Sire: Kerswell Winston 3682
Dam: Stepley Marie 16019
This is the grandaughter to our original shetland Aedan Melissa and keeping with family tradition is Georges first pony.
Carmaco Jorge BF1197 Colt Born 2018 to make 30"
Sire: Wotknotts Cedric AW1226
Dam: Carmaco Jorja AY1854
Carmaco Eva BD1349 Filly Born 2016 to make 38-40"
Sire: Stepley Victorious AQ1064
Dam: Lakehead Enya AT2587
Summerhayes Jigsaw AP0956 Born 2003 Mare 37"
Sire: Summerhayes Court Jester AF1975
Dam: Allermoor Renata 
(Photo courtesy of Paul Clayden Photography)          On loan
Ashgate Selebration AQ1164 Filly Born 2004 Skewbald
To make approx 37-38"
Sire: Highwood Loyalty
Dam: Ashgate Shamrock AH0329
On loan being shown and driven

Carmaco Pocheen AT0143 Mare Born 2007 40"
Sire: Harviestoun Merlin 4401
Dam: Crumpets Princess AG0697
Carmaco Jorja AY1854 Mare Born 2011
To make 31-32"
Sire: Byways Tuscany King AB0357
Dam: Jamilla of Jopa AR1455
Photo courtesy of Bob Langrish 
web cjorja
Carmaco Janiya Filly Born 2013
To make 31-32"
Sire: Allermoor Shalatain Lucien AF0858
Dam: Jamilla of Jopa AR1455
oct janiya
Carmaco Mamma Mia AX0980 Mare Born 2010
To make 31-32"
Sire: Byways Tuscany King AB0357
Dam: Carmaco Mairi AR0038